Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cape Cod Roofing Scam Report - Cape Cod Roofing & Siding Skip Schiappa/Owner When asked to provide references and guarantee his work, Skip sent bizarre email. Has poor work history.

We SUPPORT the below posting in response to an anonymous tirade left on -

"I have to agree that if it's one or two bad reviews, then it can be overlooked as not everyone is going to be happy, and there are just some people in this world who simply like to complain about everything. I have to side with the owner Skip, in that, if you have a legitimate grievance against him, post your real name or better yet, take him to court and sue him. Blasting people on the internet anonymously is cowardly, and also, how do we know all the negative comments are from one single person with a vendetta? 

Conclusion: If Skip Schiappa screwed you over, sue him in court. Trying to ruin his reputation online under a alias is not the way to go."


Business grievances should be dealt with in court NOT on anonymous chat boards!!! 


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